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Commercial Refrigeration Checklist

Posted on : 15-07-2015 | By : Edward Carlson | In : Commercial Refrigeration


As far as food and beverage retail industry is concerned, commercial refrigeration is one of the most effective and efficient innovations. Operating a business like a restaurant, bar, convenience store, or any other retail outlet offering chilled dairy and beverages, as well as frozen meat and goods, can be quite challenging to any business owner. You need to keep your goods at certain temperatures to keep them cool and free from contaminations.

commercial refrigerationCommercial refrigeration mainly involves appliances such as fridges, freezers, chillers and others. These units are used to preserve the quality of frozen and preserved food products. For people who are just starting their food preparation and catering business, saving as much money as possible is crucial so they opt hiring commercial refrigerators or buying second hand units. This can be a great option as you are 100% sure that the unit you are hiring or buying can perform the highest possible level of performance that your business’ needs.

On the other hand, most businessmen do not want to compromise the quality of the appliances they get for some amount of money they’ll be saving. Rather, they purchase new units from a reliable and trusted commercial refrigerator supplier like SRA. This company has a wide range of refrigerators to choose from so you can certainly get the perfect fridge that you need.

Whether you rent, buy a second hand unit or a brand new one; the most important move that you can do is to look at the specs of the unit you are planning to buy and make sure that the unit suits the needs and wants of your business.

Fridge Repairs Perth: Preliminary troubleshooting procedures

Posted on : 30-06-2015 | By : Edward Carlson | In : Fridge Repair


Refrigerators have already become an essential part of today’s homes and businesses. When your unit stops performing the level of performance you expect or is stops cooling, it is a real trouble especially if you have food that needs to be cooled.

Fridge repairs PerthThere are a number of reasons why your ref may not be cooling properly. However, the first step to all fridge repairs is to determine which exactly is wrong. In order to pinpoint the issue and fix the problem you are facing, you can use a number of fundamental procedures you can run. You can do these procedures first before calling a fridge technician to fix your appliance.

Checking the possible issue of the fridge on your own is not a bad idea at all. These preliminary procedures are even used by professional repairmen to determine if the problem is an easy fix prior to going on to more complicated procedures.

For example; if your fridge stopped cooling, there are some “simple” issues that could possibly cause the trouble – it may be a power failure or failed to plug the power, an unclosed refrigerator door, a need to defrost, or the fan not working.

If the problem of your fridge is caused by any of the mentioned issues, then you yourself can fix the problem. You don’t have to call a mechanic and you will be able to save some money and time.

4 reasons why hiring commercial office cleaning in Perth is a smart business strategy

Posted on : 10-03-2015 | By : Edward Carlson | In : Commercial & Office Cleaning


Outsourcing cleaning services from a great commercial office cleaning Perth is a smart strategic business decision whether your company is offering products or services. Instead of hiring fulltime janitorial services to clean your business premise, outsourcing commercial cleaners gives more advantages to the growth of your company.

commercial office cleaning perthIf you would like to know more reasons why outsourcing commercial cleaners are a great option for your business, you should check out the following:

  • Professional office cleaning companies are expert in their field. They have their own professional standards about their cleaning methods, procedures, equipment and products. Moreover, they have trained and experienced employees so you can rest assured that you will get spotless cleaning result.
  • Many people come and go to your office. Hence, accumulation of dirt and germs are more likely. Thanks to commercial cleaners that provide deep cleaning providing you not only with sparkling cleaning, but with germ-free workplace.
  • Commercial cleaners are aware about the right chemicals to use – they know what chemicals have no carbon footprints and have no negative effects to your employees’ health.
  • Your commercial building reflects your company’s value in front of your company’s partners, customers and employees. With that, commercial cleaners will help you create a good first impression of your place.

These are the common reasons why people hire commercial cleaning companies. So if you run and business and having issues with your office cleaning needs, then you should already consider hiring this type of service.

How can a commercial & office cleaner help you with your messy office space?

Posted on : 14-01-2014 | By : Edward Carlson | In : Commercial & Office Cleaning


Imagine how your office would look like if you never scrub, polish, vacuum, empty your garbage cans or wipe your windows and desks. It would be a place where nobody would like to work and a place where no one will visit to buy goods or service.

Keeping your office clean and neat is a lot of work. Cleaning process is very difficult especially for busy people like businessmen who have a lot of things to do in order to keep their business on the right track. In such case, the best move that they could probably do is to hire a commercial cleaning company like Southern Cross Cleaning to take the burden of cleaning from you and focus on your business.

Southern Cross Cleaning Services

However, a clean office could mean a lot – it will increase the chances of your business’ success.  What else?

Aside from having a positive appeal to your visiting clients and customers, keeping your office clean can give a lot of advantages. In addition to giving more appeal to your office and the company overall, a clean and organised office also gives your staff and other employees a fantastic working environment. Having your working space clean can also be advantageous to your workers as they become more comfortable and productive. Therefore, cleaning your office also means investing for your business image and productivity as well.

A good office cleaning services can change your messy office into something you want it to. With a team of professionals, they offer quality office cleaning services to businesses and offices across Perth, Western Australia.


Registering a Business Name in Western Australia

Posted on : 11-04-2016 | By : Edward Carlson | In : Entrepreneurship


business news perth

Are you planning to start a small business in Perth, Western Australia? Or are you already running one? Either way, it is very important for you to know that small business owner has no proprietary rights unless he trademarks his company name. Sounds alarming? Well, that’s how it is. Registering your business, company, or domain name does not give you any automatic right to use the name as a trademark.

Often hen someone sets up a company, one of his or her ultimate goals is to get their name out there and ensure their brand succeeds in the market. However, always keep in mind that your name, logos, and designs that identify your company’s name form an integral part of your brand.

With regards to this matter, all small entrepreneurs need to ensure that their copyrights and trademarks are protected in their quest to get their company operations off the ground through advertisement and marketing of their goods or services. Registering your business gives you a trademark, which you are entitled the right to take legal action for infringement against a company name owner who uses it for products or services such as those covered under your registered trademark.

You can use your trademark to distinguish your product or service from others. On the other hand, business name represents the name under which a company operates. Registering your name is compulsory and must be done before the company starts operating.

If you want to know how to register your business name in Western Australia, check this out: http://asic.gov.au/for-business/registering-a-business-name

How to Organise Your Office

Posted on : 15-04-2014 | By : Edward Carlson | In : Cleaning Tips


When you think of an office the first things that usually come to mind are desks, computers and paperwork. There can also be plenty of other items of equipment regardless of the nature of business that office is in.

Most offices these days use computers. This has become a convenient way of storage. However, even though a lot of files and important documents can be kept on a computer, keeping on top of the paper can still be a real chore.

Thus, you need to keep your office well-organised so that you will be always on track with your documents and it will be a lot easier for you to access them whenever needed.

Do you want to learn some office organisation tips? Check out the video below:

Health Home Cleaning Tips: Green cleaning

Posted on : 03-04-2014 | By : Edward Carlson | In : Cleaning Tips


Keeping your home clean and tidy can be a great challenge, especially with all the number of demands you need to work on daily. Going to office, cooking, laundry, and other daily tasks can all take up significant amount of time.

Living in a clean home is very important to your health as well as to your family’s health. So, you really need to make sure that your home does not only look clean. Instead, make sure that it is free from microbes and pathogens.

One thing that mostly overlooked by homeowners is the type cleaning product that they use. Some of them use cleansers that contain chemicals that are hazardous to our health.

As a homeowner, you need to understand the importance of using green cleaning products. They do not only help protect your health, but they also help you in taking care of the environment.

Learn more about green cleaning by watching the videos below:

How to Clean Hardwood Floor Properly

Posted on : 24-02-2014 | By : Edward Carlson | In : Commercial & Office Cleaning


People want their floors to be good looking, durable and resistant to stains. So, they opt installing hardwood floors. However, we cannot avoid the fact that our floor is the part of our house which is most exposed to dirt.

Thus, your floor can be easily ruined if you do not put extra effort in taking care of it. What you need to do is keep it clean.

Hardwood floor cleaning needs to be properly done. Watch the video below to know how floor cleaning is correctly done:

How to clean painted walls

Posted on : 05-02-2014 | By : Edward Carlson | In : Commercial & Office Cleaning


Grease, fingerprint and smudges are the usual problems we see on our walls. These stains are obviously visible even if they are tiny (especially if our walls are painted with light colours).

We do not often clean our walls as they are not affected to dirt as much as our floor. So, we often forget to clean our walls regularly.

However, wall dirt can easily be seen even from far. So, in order to maintain the beauty of our home, we need to prioritise wall cleaning.

Wall dirt is normally formed from dust and can easily be cleaned by water. To clean other types of wall dirt, you can check out the video below:


Bathroom Cleaning Guide

Posted on : 25-01-2014 | By : Edward Carlson | In : Commercial & Office Cleaning


The bathroom is a place where we clean ourselves before or after the day’s work. Thus, there can be more dirt and germs present in our bathrooms.

The cleanliness of your bathroom is as important as in any room of your home because all the dirt that you get both inside and outside the house can be rinsed inside your bathroom.

The first thing that you should do when cleaning your bathroom is to prepare all the necessary things that you need. You need to use the proper tools that can effectively clean the mess and stains.

For more cleaning tips, check out the video below: